What’s the right time to start reading chess books ?

Hey guys
I’m a 2000 rated lichess player in blitz and rapid
I haven’t ever read a chess book in my life
However I was wondering if it is the time to do it, since I want to get better(mostly in longer time controls so I can play better OTB).
I’m not a natural reader as you can imagine (I’m 17 ) and never liked reading.
Any suggestions for books ? Should I study openings with books or can I just use lichess study’s and yt videos ( i don’t see much problem with my openings right now)
Or should I buy just a book with games analysis ?
Pls help me I have no idea what a player of my level should read or even if I should “waste” time reading instead of doing tátics or playing chess .
I totally believe that to achieve my rating reading books is not at all necessary (since I’m not a great player at all )
Thx for reading I hope you can help me

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