The Check Weekly. Kasparov's return, Kramnik on new chess rules, Dvorkovich on сheating.

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Kasparov's Immortal Chess Game – No commentary – No analysis – Just enjoy the game.

Kasparov’s Immortal Chess Game Garry Kasparov vs Veselin Topalov (1999) Just like a great piece of music or a beautiful piece of art, we don’t need to know how it was constructed... Read more »

The Greatest Chess Games #1: Kasparov's Immortal (1) | Chess Game Analysis

In this series I present to you the greatest games that have been played throughout the history of chess. In this video I analyze the game between GM Kasparov (Elo 2812) and... Read more »

Amazing Chess Game: Garry Kasparov's "Octopus Knight" Immortal Game – 1985 Chess World Championship

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Garry Kasparov's Best Game Ever

This is Garry Kasparov’s Best Chess Game, or Immortal Game. Against Veselin Topalov, in Wijk Aan Zee, Netherlands, 1999. ➡️ 7 GOTHAM Chess Courses: ➡️ Watch LIVE on Twitch: ➡️ Support via... Read more »