Chess Openings Wizard – New Repertoire Tutorial

How to create a new repertoire ebook from scratch using chess openings from the free demo ebook in Chess Openings Wizard (Express or Professiona). Narrator: Michael Leahy source Read more »

The Courageous King's Gambit | Chess Openings Explained

National Master Jim McLaughlin introduces the King’s Gambit, where White courageously plays 2.f4 after the e-pawns have been advanced. Is this crazy opening for you? 2018.04.09 source Read more »

Stay at home and enjoy Chess #5 (old sound setup, sorry)

Check out my Chessable Repertoires: Support the Channel by donating: source Read more »

jonahwillow vs elefante38 Won by checkmate how to play chess

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Chess Openings: The King's Gambit Accepted – a fun White opening for blitz chess!

♚COURSES 📚 📚 || #KCKingsGambit ♚ Play turn style chess at ♚ Play Chess vs. Kingscrusher and others: ♚ Subscribe to best Youtube Chess Video Channel : Instructive game tags: Chess openings... Read more »