Chess Openings for Black 🎓 GM Smirnov (Owens Defense 1. e4 b6) – Pt 2/2

Do you want the very best chess openings to dominate your opponents right from the start of a game? 🤔 Build a powerful opening repertoire with GM Igor Smirnov’s excellent “Grandmaster’s Opening... Read more »

Chess Opening For Black Against e4 | Aggressive!

Chess Opening For Black Against e4 | Aggressive! source Read more »

Chess Opening for Black (Scotch Game – 1)

# Important Note:- PGN is only available for Premium members # Support GJ_Chess:- # Channel Membership:- # Website:- # FACEBOOK :- How to play against Scotch Opening?, Scotch game for black, Chess... Read more »

Caro-Kann Defense (introduction, main variations & ideas) ⎸Chess Openings

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