Repertoire against d4: Nimzo-Indian and Semi Slav?

Hi guys

My rating is 1400 FIDE and atm I play mostly QGD against d4 (10+0 rapid or 15+10 rapid), since I’ve heard that its the best for long term improvement.

However, every now and then I play a couple of blitz games just for fun and I play other openings to mix things up a bit and to learn other positions. Only in blitz (not serious games) I play the classical sicilian against e4.

Against d4 I thought about trying the KID but since I want to learn something for the long run, I’ve decided to learn the Nimzo instead… But as you know, many times white play Nf3 and avoids the Nimzo so I have to choose a line to play.

Most people play the Queens Indian or the Bogo-Indian. However, it seems like the Semi Slav is quite an interesting opening, you get fun positions and is theoretically sound, so I’ve thought that I can pair the Nimzo with the Semi Slav.

I’ve done some research and I havent found many posts on this subreddit about people pairing the nimzo with the semi slav… is there a reason for that?

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