Chess Openings Wizard – New Repertoire Tutorial

How to create a new repertoire ebook from scratch using chess openings from the free demo ebook in Chess Openings Wizard (Express or Professiona). Narrator: Michael Leahy source Read more »

Win in 4 Moves! (Chess Steps #3)

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Chess Pies | How to Make Homemade Chess Pies

Dough ingredients: • Two and a half cups of flour • 1 tablespoon milk powder • 1 tablespoon sugar • A quarter cup of oil • 1 tablespoon yeast • Salt •... Read more »

Casting a Spanish Armada 1588 Chess Set with 5 Star Pewter using a Solder Pot

Prince August released in November 2017 a new Spanish Armada 1588 chess set as moulds to allow you to cast at home. We also introduced a new Solder Melting Pot and this... Read more »

Tubbo and Fundy played Chess in Minecraft using actual Chess Pieces on Dream SMP

Tubbo and Fundy played Chess on Dream SMP using actual Chess Pieces Subscribe to Tubbo source Read more »