Can someone give me legit advice on how to improve on chess?

I’m 1500 rated on (always stuck between 1480-1530 points) and 16 years old. The end of my first semester is coming so I’ll be a little busy for a while but... Read more »

UPDATE: D4 players: Which response u hate the most to play against? (Poll)

As in the last survey I heard many complaints that I left out several openings, I updated putting some more. In case I still have forgotten any, let me know here. []( Read more »

Improving as an adult learner

Hi all, I recently broke 2300 in blitz on [](, and thought as I celebrate I’d share some insights and some of the things that have worked for me so far. For... Read more »

Just got this beautiful puzzle

Just got this beautiful puzzle View Reddit by J0k3r89 – View Source Read more »

Chesstempo vs Tactics Book

I am 1650 otb rating, and I’m looking to take my study of tactics to a higher level by studying tactics for around 1 hour a day. Recently I’ve been doing tactics... Read more »