Thought and Choice in Chess

Price: (as of – Details) What does a chess master think when he prepares his next move? How are his thoughts organized? Which methods and strategies does he use by solving his... Read more »

Making Wooden Chess Sets: 15 One-of-a-Kind Designs for the Scroll Saw (Fox Chapel Publishing) Neo-Classic, Trojan, Canterbury, Venice, a Chessboard, and More (Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Book)

Price: (as of – Details) Create amazing one-of-a-kind chess sets on your scroll saw! Classic and modern patterns including Neo-Classic, Trojan, Canterbury, Roman Glory, and more 15 designs and scroll saw patterns... Read more »

The Chess Puzzle Book 4: Mastering the Positional Principles (Chess Puzzle Book Series)

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The Easy Chess for Beginners Complete Guide: Super-Fast Mastery of the Board, Strategies, Pieces and Rules

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The Big Book of World Chess Championships

Price: (as of – Details) Wilhelm Steinitz, the winner of the first official World Chess Championship in 1886, would have rubbed his eyes in disbelieve if he could have seen how popular... Read more »