Are Lichess rapid ratings inflated compared to blitz, and if so, by so how much?

I’ve seen an article by Chessgoals cited often in this subreddit that suggests that lichess rapid ratings are similar to lichess blitz ratings. For example, the data suggests a blitz rating of 2050 would be correlated with a rapid rating of 2085. However, this flies in the face of my experience playing rapid on lichess, and it’s not even close. I searched through my last 10 opponents, and found that on average the gap between rapid and blitz is over 150 points. I decided to look through one of the recent 10+0 tournaments on lichess, and found that it is similar across different rating ranges, mainly looking at 2000+ lichess rapid.


Additionally, are there any experts in statistics that can comment on whether bulk collection of data (ratings) would or would not be an accurate way to correlate them? Keep in mind that high RD’s were not included in the analysis.


Chessgoals article: [](

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